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I followed every damn tutorial imaginable for weeks, and still never got results. I'm just going to assume it's all a scam. So sad, because there's so many good themes, but none of the software linked to make it happen is worth a damn.
I've decided to start posting more, even it if means mostly sharing works in progress.
Due to chronic pain and such the past 2 years, it's been a hassle to do much of anything. I still have difficulty walking, standing, and sitting; and there still hasn't been any update as to what could be causing it. My main doctor, at the VA, says it's myofascial pain syndrome, but that doesn't really help much... I've spent the year going to countless appointments without much improvement. A lot of psych appointments too, because there are times when the pain is so overbearing that I say "provocative" things hinting at the need for clinical supervision, and threats (to me, at least) of institutionalization. 
It's been quite an event...
This year has just been... mostly awful. I've been spending a vast majority of my time at the VA, in-and-out of hospitals, or drowning in paperwork to prove that my service-connected disability is "decreasing my quality of life"...
I do have more drawings in-progress, but it's taking more and more time for me to feel rested enough to sit through the pain just long enough to get some more done.
I'm completely and thoroughly exhausted from it all, but it seems a small group of people have shown up in the past couple months who are willing, able, and capable of helping me go through the nightmare that is VA benefits.

  KEEP ALL OF YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS, in order and have copies!! The VA will screw you over more than you even care to imagine, but as a veteran, you are entitled to their services and/or benefits.
Well I have no idea if anyone actually reads these, but whatever...

First, most of my time was occupied by work and the attempts to catch up on sleep... 

THEN, I fell at one of my three jobs, which aggravated my pre-existing leg injuries from when I was in Navy basic training six years ago.
I've since not worked in about a month and a half, (walking, sitting, and standing are insanely painful most of times) ,spending most of my time at the local VA Clinic attempting to figure out how to "fix" my legs; I've also been having so much pain that it's messing with my head.

Ideally, I'd like to start back up in posting again, but the pain gets to be so unbearable at times, I just kinda lay in bed...
I just got up and running today, for an amazing $130 on eBay. I'm SO stoked! Along with events dying down where I work security (a.k.a. more free time until I get another seasonal job), I intend to once again sporadically post more here!Cintiq by x121887x
My tablet seems dead still- failed at trying to splice a new USB wire to it, but I did learn some valuable information*:
STJ-A230 -the USB cable- it's NOT hard-wired to the board. Instead it uses a 1x5 pin jumper to connect. Only 4 of the 5 wires are for the USB cord itself, the "blank" one I'm guessing is for grounding. At least there's a chance of me getting a replacement part at either a local electronics shop, a hackerspace, or online.
Something like this might be perfect! Female to 5 Pin Jack USB Header

A friend of mine just so happened to have the exact model I do (the 6"x8") hanging round on his desk- apparently a freebie from ConnectiCon some time ago, and he dropped it off earlier, complete with an intact stylus! (Mine is held together with a rubber band and clear some tape- nothing major, just the grip tore and the nib is a bit wonky at times.)

Overall, I'm glad- I have one perfectly functioning tablet, and one that I have a chance to repair (valuable lessons in basic electronics are always useful!) and maybe mod into a tablet monitor, kinda like this guy did PTZ630 + iPad Retina screen

* I say "valuable" because it's been A QUEST to collect this much already. If folks are interested, I'll post up some more info about it. Overall though, as long as the USB cord is cut-and-spliced far enough away from the tablet itself, getting a whole new piece of kit is unnecessary.
My Intuos3 6x8 seems to have finally died yesterday. The blue LED kept flickering on and off and it could worked if I contorted the USB cable just enough- but that made it almost impossible to work with. Even more inconvenient, I used it as a mouse also, so I'm kind of short TWO input devices now.
I don't know if I should stick with Wacom or have a go with one of the alternatives out there- quite a few have gotten good reviews. Mainly, it's because of price-point- this this cost about $350 back in the day, the stylus had been falling apart for a year, and I haven't gotten much in the way of customer support (they won't even repair it, because it's discontinued).
I finished uploading all the photos from Tracy Arm Fjord. I might add more info to each picture some other time, but now I have to finish getting ready for work.

Again, to save us all some time:
FINALLY, I tidied up some photographs from earlier in the summer. I've started to upload them, but I'm wicked tired and looking at the time I can see why. Tomorrow I'll get to posting the rest!
Returned to CT, where my main rig is. Currently attempting to sort out my room since I didn't clean it much before I left. Lots of sketches and stuff to appear toward the end of this week, or maybe early next week. Plus! All the sweet photos I took during my time out on Puget Sound and Southeast Alaska to be fancied up and posted here! 
My contract ended last week, and I've decided to spend more time up here in AK. I had a total blast and made some damn good friends, saw awesome sights, all that jazz! It wasn't without its drawbacks, but it was totally the best thing I've done all year. I even got some more ideas for drawings, maybe story lines in the near future- all thanks to collaboration of course. I got neat photos too, but it'll be a while before I upload them, since my beast machine is back in CT. But yeah, I hope to get back into the flow of art soon enough.
Not sure if anyone actually even reads these, but oh well. Anyway, I got a job working as a deckhand on a cruise ship. It's supposed to be 3 months, and then the contract is done. So until then I won't be doing much in the way of drawing, but I definitely would like to take photos during my off time (perhaps upload them here).
So I'm picking up the pace a bit more on going back and finishing up/editing older works, and getting the knack of coloring better. I'm futzing around with different techniques from tutorials because one many work for a certain piece whilst another style may work better for something else. Overall, I'm liking that I'm getting back into "the groove" as it were and getting a style going for myself.
I do things for money! (Not much for samples, but still!)…
So I went from working "too much" not that long ago, to working "not enough" lately. Been spending most of my time applying to jobs online, occasionally working on sketches, but never finishing any. I have quite a few almost done, but then I feel like working some more on something else to not lose interest. I'll got more done and posted, honest...
I went! Here are the few photos I took:…
Basically, I've done a ton of super-quick scribbly-sketches on scrap paper during work or between chores since the last post, but have yet to make them into "real" drawings. Just got started on that again, so hopefully I'll have more uploads in the next few weeks, although things are once again picking up (event security is weird like that). I'm getting back into rendering more too, so I'm going to experiment more with values and colors down the line.

I'm also getting back into traditional art- my sister found a nearby cafe that's willing to showcase some of my works next month for free!

P.S. If so inclined, please feel free to comment with any hints/tips/tutorials/etc. that have helped you! After all, sharing is caring!
At some point during my hiatus, my cats went crazy in my room and broke some things, including my tablet stylus. Got it semi-fixed, but drawing is much more of a hassle now, as the nib retracts into the barrel. Contacting tech support didn't help, the guy told me to just buy a new stylus, only thing is, this model (Intuos3) is extinct, so yeah...

OH! And thanks for the llama badges! :D
Oh wow it's been ages! Got all sorts of distracted, mostly balancing out my work/sleep schedule (3rd shift construction) with a minimal social life (in which everything seems to happen almost at once). Haven't even thought much about drawing lately either. Hopefully once things start to smooth over I can figure out this account better- it's on the lower end of my priority list.
Okay, so I finally uploaded a few images. Turns out one of my hard drives that has most of my files isn't co-operating with me, so I'll have to get back into tech savvy mode for a while. A lot of them are old, but should have newer stuff too, just no idea when as I never have a set schedule (other than work).

Also, I didn't bother going into specific specifics when categorizing said drawings. I may make folders later on though.